We offer a wide range of services to personalise your workwear or personal items with a design of your choice. Scroll down to see the different printing and embroidery services we offer and some of the work we have produced for our clients.
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Our Services


We can reproduce your club or company logo into an embroidered design, be it just a simple name to a fully stitched badge or detailed crest. Send us your design for a quote. 


With a minimum order of 12, we can print up to four colours in a design. High resolution artwork required, we can reproduce your club or company logo onto many fabrics such as polo shirts, t-shirts, workwear, sports kits, etc. 


Ideal for smaller print orders, or multi colours where screen printing is not suitable; high resolution artwork can be reproduced onto vinyl to be applied to various fabrics by heat transfer. Also ideal for numbers and individual names onto sports kits. 


Without requiring any set up fee, we can embroider an individual’s name or title to personalise an item of clothing, this can be added to a martial arts belt, ties, or positioned below a logo onto an employee’s shirt. 

Our Work:

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