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  • What is the difference between 'regular fit' and 'soft style'?
    Soft Style products offer a more tailored fit to the hips and chest of the wearer.
  • What does 'gsm' mean?
    Gsm stands for grams per square metre. This is the standard measurement used for fabric. The higher the weight, the more raw material is used to weave the fabric.
  • What is 'ringspun' cotton?
    This is when the raw material has been spun using ring frames, producing a finer, softer and more durable end product. This is used for our GD01 Softstyle T-shirt. A semi-fitted cut, suitable for both men & female, the fabric is lightweight and with a soft, peached finish. Weight: 153 gsm.
  • What is 'ultra' cotton?
    This is when the raw material has been spun tightly to produce a thicker, heavier cotton, and then pre-shrunk before being made into a T-shirt. This is used for our GD02 Ultra Cotton T-shirt. A classic cut, with looser fit and wider sleeves, the size specifications are also slightly larger than that of the GD01. Weight: 203 gsm.
  • What are 'heather' colours?
    This is when several yarns of mixed colours and other fibres are interwoven, generally used for mixing multiple shades of grey with another colour, producing a muted shade, such as Heather Navy and Heather Sport Royal.
  • Where are your products made?
    All of the T-shirts & Hoodies printed by Fifty Degrees Clothing have been supplied by Gildan. Gildan is a socially responsible manufacturer of garments, caring for the environment while providing a fair, safe and healthy workplace for it’s employees. Gildan have many factories worldwide, but the majority of yarn spinning and shirt manufacturing takes place in Central American countries such as Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua. Their biggest customer is the neighbouring USA, with our supply being shipped to European and UK distributors.
  • Do you store any of my personal data?
    Fifty Degrees Clothing is committed to protecting your personal information and we respect your privacy. In accordance with the GDPR rules and regulations, please be assured that any personal information that is passed to us during your shopping experience, will be protected and safely stored with our web provider. You can read their Privacy Policy here: You can happily browse our website without having to share any of your personal details with us. If you make a purchase with us and decide to create an account so that any future purcases are made quicker and easier, your card details and personal information will be stored on our webiste but will not be shared with any third parties. If you make a purchase with us and decide not to create an account, you will be required to enter your card details for each purchase, either online, over the phone or in store, as we will not store your card details without an account.
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